news home artists works press reviews faq contacts official links retail mail order wholesale mail order events artists / artisti THE FROZEN AUTUMN Diego Merletto (composition, programming, synths, samplers, fx, guitars, vocals, video, graphix, post-production and mastering) Froxeanne (composition, programming, synths, samplers, fx, vocals, graphix) Releases on Calembour Records: “Rallentears”, EP, TFA-01, date of issue: 22nd December 2010 “Chirality”, album, TFA-03, date of issue: 30th November 2011 “Emotional Screening Device”, album re-release, TFA-05, date of issue: 30th May 2012 “Is Anybody There?”, album re-release, TFA-08, date of issue: 11th March 2013 “Lie In Wait”, EP, TFA-10, date of issue: 24th December 2014 For further info: SIR JOE (a.k.a. Sergio Bersanetti) Releases on Calembour Records: “The Observer”, album, SJ-02, date of issue: 15th June 2011 FEMINA FABER (a.k.a. Paola Bianchi) Releases on Calembour Records: “Amplexum Mentis (ut cosmo concordent voces)”, album, AEFF-06, date of issue: 30th May 2012 For further info: HIDDEN PLACE (from right: Antonio Losenno, Fabio Vitelli, SaraLux, Giampiero Di Barbaro) Releases on Calembour Records: “Novecento”, album, HP-07 Date of issue: 10th December 2012 For further info: CURRENT CALEMBOUR RECORDS ARTISTS FORMER CALEMBOUR RECORDS ARTIST m e m b e r   o f   t h e   b a n d   L u d m i l a   f o r   m a n y   y e a r s   n o w   a n d   w i t h   a   p l e t h o r a   o f   c o l l a b o r a t i o n s   t o   h e r   c r e d i t   b o t h   w i t h i n   t h e   e x p e r i m e n t a l   m u s i c   s c e n e   a n d   t h e   " c u l t u r e d "   m u s i c   m i l i