news home artists works press reviews faq contacts official links retail mail order wholesale mail order events news / notizie 03/07/2015 Twilight Records releases by The Frozen Autumn + 1 Peripheral Minimal release by Hidden Place have been added to our online store! Check them out! 24/12/2014 THE FROZEN AUTUMN’s brand new EP “LIE IN WAIT” is finally out now and on sale on retail mail order page! 08/09/2014 CALEMBOUR RECORDS to issue THE FROZEN AUTUMN’s brand new EP “LIE IN WAIT” in November 2014! This beautiful  4-track-release comes out as 12” picture vinyl ( 45 rpm) of course in a limited edition! More details to be revealed in the next days, so stay tuned!! 13/05/2013 CALEMBOUR RECORDS presents "RIDING THE CREST OF THE FROZEN WAVE. A TRIBUTE TO THE FROZEN AUTUMN". "RIDING THE CREST OF THE FROZEN WAVE" is a tribute album to the band The Frozen Autumn, founded exactly 20 years ago by Diego Merletto. It contains the cover versions of a few The Frozen Autumn's tracks, made by artists who have been selected by the band itself through Calembour Records to celebrate this important anniversary together. The outcome is a marvellous blend of wave, electro and experimental music, coherently organized and living a life of its own, although stemming from the scores written by the same "frozen" hands. From Hidden Place's epic electronic crescendo to the energetic rockwave by Plastique Noir, from Femina Faber's skyward voice to the rich, vivid coldwave by Go Flamingo!, from Nabla Operator's experimental echoing maze to Winter Severity Index' coldwave nocturnal relish, from Lisfrank's minimal wave neat patterns to the dancey seduction of Patenbrigade:Wolff and, last but not least, NG's slackened pace poetical depths, each and every of these splendid cover versions are more than a mere hommage. Another plus? This album comes out as digisleeve cd (with booklet) whose edition is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies! Be sure not to miss it! Title: "Riding The Crest Of The Frozen Wave. A Tribute To The Frozen Autumn" Artist: Hidden Place, Plastique Noir, Femina Faber, Go Flamingo!, Nabla Operator, Winter Severity Index, Lisfrank, Patenbrigade:Wolff, NG Label: Calembour Records Release date: 13th May 2013 Catalogue number: AAVV-09 Running time: 50' Barcode: 8016670104704 File under: coldwave, electro, experimental Tracklist: 1) The Forgotten Frontier 2) I'm Coming From Nowhere 3) Sidereal Solitude 4) When You Are Sad 5) Second Sight 6) Static Cold 7) Polar Plateau 8) Visionary Landscapes 9) This Time 28/03/2013 Calembour Records proudly announces the forthcoming release of "RIDING THE CREST OF THE FROZEN WAVE. A TRIBUTE TO THE FROZEN AUTUMN", a limited edition digisleeve CD, second step to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary!!! Scheduled date of issue: 13th May 2013 Pre-sale begins now with an interesting discount possibility in combination with other catalogue items. More details here and here :) 11/03/2013 CALEMBOUR RECORDS presents the re-printing of THE FROZEN AUTUMN's second to last full-length "IS ANYBODY THERE?". Originally released in 2005, this is probably TFA's most introspective album: an evanescent cathedral built with seemingly endless, unpredictable synthetic layers.  The question expressed in the title also refers to the possible existence of extra-terrestrian intelligent life, still this is just one of the interpretation keys of the album's underlying inspiration topics. The idea of parallel dimensions leading to other possible worlds and potentially different lives here generates visions of algid beauty, deep melancholy and ravishing poetry. "Is Anybody There?" reveals to each listening new precious facets, unfolding layer by layer, and it's meant to be repeatedly savoured to fully enjoy all of its somptuous essence. This edition comes with three bonus tracks, i.e. rare versions of "Citywards" and the very well-known "Polar Plateau" as well as a lyrics booklet with re-styled graphics. This is real crystal-clear ice-cold electro-wave that will catch you and never let you go! More details here and here! 11/02/2013 THE FROZEN AUTUMN "IS ANYBODY THERE?" 20th anniversary edition, including 3 bonus tracks and featuring a new artwork for the lyrics booklet, can be PRE-ORDERED NOW! Please notice: only if you purchase your copy within 28th February, you can get it signed by the band members! More details here and here! 29/01/2013 We’re very happy to announce the forthcoming re-release of THE FROZEN AUTUMN’s second to last full-length CD “IS ANYBODY THERE?”, scheduled for 11th March 2013! First step to celebrate this band’s 20th anniversary! Have a look here for more details! 02/01/2013 Happy New Year everybody! THE FROZEN AUTUMN’s jubilee has officially begun! 1993-2013, 20 years of career for this band! 10/12/2012 TODAY! HIDDEN PLACE new CD “NOVECENTO” out now!! The Italian electro wave - ambient band HIDDEN PLACE is back with "NOVECENTO", a new intriguing album whose title describes their main source of inspiration: the 20th century and its artistic élan, its cultural impetus; the century of the avant-gardes & the revolutions, of the decadent movement, of beauty and constant experimentation. Electronic textures reminiscent of Kraftwerk, futuristic lyricism (expressed on the one hand by SaraLux’ ethearal vocals and by means of assertive vocoder lines on the other), liquid guitar sound in Slowdive/Cocteau Twins style as well as a strong rhythmic dynamism are the elements consituting this work/tribute to the several 20th century avant-gardes, this sonic pathway expressly celebrating the all-embracing essence of the arts, its explosive, seductive function, its will of dropping every nostalgic, conformist attitude.  "NOVECENTO" thus alternates intense moments of pathos built upon wide, atmospherical frames, ("Fuochi Fatui", "Ermione", "Scenari D'Occidente") to extremely whipping rhythms, faster pace and danceable beats ("Stunning Art", "Off & On"). Among other contributions, the guest-singings here are worth mentioning too: Jean-Pierre Mercier from the Canadian band HANDFUL OF SNOWDROPS in "Between The Devil & The Blue Sea" and Froxeanne from THE FROZEN AUTUMN in "Legendary Divers". Another exciting chapter in the promising history of HIDDEN PLACE! Title: Novecento Artist: Hidden Place Label: Calembour Records Release date: 10th December 2012 Catalogue Number: HP-07 Running time: 43' File under: electro-wave/ambient Tracklist: 1 RADIO AVANGUARDIA 2 OFF & ON 3 BETWEEN THE DEVIL & THE BLUE SEA 4 FUOCHI FATUI 5 LEGENDARY DIVERS 6 STUNNING ART 7 ERMIONE 8 SCENARI D'OCCIDENTE 9 UNITED (CLUB MIX) 10 FUOCHI FATUI (AMBIENT MIX) 02/11/2012 Finally we have a release date for the long-awaited HIDDEN PLACE new full-length album “NOVECENTO”: 10th December 2012! Further news will follow asap! In the meantime you can already have some little insight about this album features in our Works section! 19/09/2012 THE FROZEN AUTUMN new videoclip for the song SIDEREAL SOLITUDE! 16/08/2012 This is a video footage of what happened one month ago, during DURAN DURAN (fantastic!) live concert at the Arena of Verona (Italy), 16/07/2012: Froxeanne (a.k.a. Arianna) of THE FROZEN AUTUMN having the great luck and huge honour to be chosen by Simon Le Bon to introduce him!! WOW, WOW and WOW again! 18/07/2012 We’re proud to announce a great new signing to Calembour Records: the Italian new wave band HIDDEN PLACE, whose new album “NOVECENTO” is going to be released sometime between September and October 2012. More info coming soon. In the meantime: welcome on board, guys! 30/05/2012 THE FROZEN AUTUMN reprint of “EMOTIONAL SCREENING DEVICE” and FEMINA FABER brand new album “AMPLEXUM MENTIS -ut cosmo concordent voces” are out now! 30/04/2012 Two new amazing releases on Calembour Records are to be issued exactly in one month! THE FROZEN AUTUMN reprint of “Emotional Screening Device” along with our brand new signing FEMINA FABER with her new album “Amplexum Mentis -ut cosmo concordent voces”! Release date for both albums is 30th MAY 2012, but PRE-SALE BEGINS NOW! Please visit our WORKS and RETAIL MAIL ORDER sections to be the first ones to get your hands on these two fabulous cd’s!! THE FROZEN AUTUMN's "EMOTIONAL SCREENING DEVICE", first released in 2002, includes some of the most popular songs by the band, such as "Silence Is Talking", "Second Sight" and the most famous "Is Everything Real?", that soon became an electro-wave dancefloor teaser all over the world. Wonderful, notably electronic album, immediately greatly appreciated, it features all the typical elements of what the band loves defining "frozen wave" style: nervous, articulate sequences, refined sound, original "oblique" melodies, enveloping harmonies and, of course Diego Merletto & Froxeanne's unique vocals. This digitally remastered edition has also a completely new graphic layout, including a full-lyrics booklet, whose artwork has been entirely made by the band members themselves. An indispensable classic for all the electro-wave lovers and beyond!